The Girls with Glasses

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Behind the Scenes with The Girls with Glasses

The Girls with Glasses


Brooke White and Summer Bellessa give an insider's look at what goes into filming The Girls with Glasses Show. And let's be real: You know it all starts with the clothes.

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The Girls with Glasses

Who Are The Girls with Glasses?

Brooke White and Summer Bellessa have joined forces on The Girls with Glasses show, each bringing their unique creative experiences to the collaboration. Brooke, the raspy blonde, is a singer-songwriter who got her big break when she won a spot on American Idol. Since her top five finish on the show, Brooke has continued to pave her own path as an independent artist, traveling the country performing for live audiences, and has also gotten into acting.

Summer, meanwhile, began a modeling career at age 4 and by 17 had traveled to the top fashion capitals of the world. Today, Summer continues to nurture creative minds from different backgrounds to capture the fashion world as founder and editor of women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine ELIZA. Brooke’s musical background is a complementary fit to Summer’s extensive fashion and editorial talents, making them the perfect combo as The Girls with Glasses.

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